Window  display stickers TF  store (2)Aspiration.

It all started with those “tudung tak jadi day” the founder, Tia Fatihah embraces that silly moment to create a hijab line as a turning point to fulfill the needs of new hijabees. The Tia Fatihah team clearly understands the daily dilemma (or drama?).

Being a hijabee where you need to stop and pray when your hijab is already on point! Oh how about taking 20 minutes extra daily to adjust perfect awning and the list goes on!

Yes, We do take serious with tudung awning. Totally get your point to keep up with social media expectation where you need to “OOTD” in order to keep up with fabulous feed! Tia Fatihah team strives to be ahead of Malaysian Hijab line.

We look forward to expand the business to Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore in near future.

Thank you for your support!

Tia Fatihah Team